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2015 Summer Camp Programs

Cedarkirk offers a wide variety of residential programs for campers of all ages.  Week-long programs are available for 3rd-12th grade campers and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We also have three-day programs for 1st-3rd grade campers and a weekend event for parents or grandparents and young children.  Join us at camp in 2015 for a transforming experience you will never forget!

Calendar of Summer Programs

Please view the links below to see descriptions all of the camps available for a given age group or check the links in the table for information on specific programs.

Program NameGrades CompletedDateTier I PriceTier II PriceTier III Price
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJune 14-16$210$260$310
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJune 17-19$210$260$310
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJune 21-23$210$260$310
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJune 28-30$210$260$310
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJuly 1-3$210$260$310
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJuly 9-12
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJuly 15-17$210$260$310
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJuly 19-21$210$260$310
Explorer Camp1st-3rdJuly 22-24$210$260$310
Explorer Camp1st-3rdAugust 2-4$210$260$310
Camp Quest3rd-6thJune 14-19$405$505$605
Camp Quest3rd-6thAugust 2-7$405$505$605
Junior Mad Science Camp3rd-6thJune 14-19$390$490$590
Junior Creative Camp3rd-6thJune 21-26$390$490$590
Junior Creative Camp3rd-6thAugust 2-7$390$490$590
Junior Adventure Camp3rd-6thJune 21-26$385$485$585
Junior Adventure Camp3rd-6thJuly 19-24$385$485$585
Junior Culinary Camp3rd-6thJune 28-July 3$405$505$605
Junior Culinary Camp3rd-6thJuly 19-24$405$505$605
Water Wonder Adventure Camp3rd-6thJune 28-July 3$430$530$630
Junior Camp Sampler3rd-6thJuly 9-17
Middle School Conference6th-8thJune 14-19$395$495$595
Middle School Conference6th-8thJune 21-26$395$495$595
Middle School Conference6th-8thJune 28-July 3$395$495$595
Middle School Conference6th-8thJuly 9-17
Middle School Conference6th-8thAugust 2-7$395$495$595
Middle School Night Owl Camp6th-8thJuly 26-31$405$505$605
Mid-High Adventure Camp 6th-9thJune 28-July 3$395$495$595
Music, Arts & Drama Camp6th-12thJuly 19-24$405$505$605
The Fantastic Voyage7th-10thJune 14-19$395$495$595
Middle & High School Culinary Camp7th-12thJune 21-26$405$505$605
The Source7th-12thJuly 9-17
Extreme Camp8th-12thJuly 19-24$395$495$595
Extreme Camp8th-12thAugust 2-7$395$495$595
High School Night Owl Camp9th-12thJuly 26-31$405$505$605
Senior High Leadership9th-12thJune 14-19$250$350$450
Senior High Leadership9th-12thJune 21-26$250$350$450
Senior High Leadership9th-12thJune 28-July 3$250$350$450
Senior High Leadership9th-12thJuly 9-17
Senior High Leadership9th-12thJuly 19-24$250$350$450
Senior High Leadership9th-12thAugust 2-7$250$350$450
Christian Leadership In Practice11th-12thJune 21-26$220$320$420
Reach Out ConferenceAges 18+July 19-24$370------
Reach Out ConferenceAges 18+August 2-7$370------
You & Me Family CampIntergenerationalJune 26-28Age 3-5: $60Age 6-12:$105Adults: $140