Information for Guest Groups

Cedarkirk is open to small groups currently. We are following the recommendations of the CDC and the Florida Department of Health for best practices regarding the health and safety of our staff and guests. Some things might look a little different than they have in the past, but we look forward to providing a safe place for you to relax and reconnect with God and with nature.

Please review these information sheets. They contain lots of information on what we’re doing to keep you safe, and what we ask of you.


We recognize that with rapidly changing updates and recommendations, churches, groups, and families are in a state of uncertainty as they make the decisions they feel are best for everyone. Please review the temporary adjustments to our cancellation policies below as you make the safest and most responsible decision for your group or event.

Guest Group / Event Cancellation

Our standing cancellation policy dictates that any event cancelled fewer than 90 days prior its start is subject to a cancellation fee equal to the deposit made. It also states that events may be rescheduled by approval of the Executive Director with a small financial penalty (see your group’s contract for the complete cancellation policy details).

In light of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we are extending the following temporary adjustments to our cancellation policy:

  • Reschedule of reservations: Guest groups may transfer their non-refundable deposit to a similar-sized reservation within the next 12 months at no penalty.
  • Site Closure: Groups affected by Cedarkirk’s temporary closure may either donate their deposit or request a refund of the deposit.
  • Availability: All reservation transfers are subject to availability. If a reservation transfer is not possible due to lack of availability, the deposit may be donated to Cedarkirk or refunded.
  • **Please know that Cedarkirk’s fees and cancellation policy support and sustain Cedarkirk’s year-round ministry, and will help sustain us during this difficult time.

Cedarkirk Site Preparedness Information
In an effort to be as transparent as possible, Cedarkirk has adopted the following practices (or is continuing practices already in place) to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff:

  • Cedarkirk uses antibacterial hand soap in all of its restrooms and hand sanitizer is located at the entrances to the dining hall. We are taking a more proactive approach to ensure that hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes are available in more spaces.
  • Our housekeeping staff is sanitizing spaces and commonly touched areas with increased frequency to ensure safe and welcoming facilities. Program equipment (carabiners, harnesses, archery equipment, etc.) is sanitized after each individual use. We use cleaning agents that kill many harmful viruses and bacteria, including the Coronavirus.
  • We will continue to uphold food service practices dictated by the Department of Health that ensure the safety of food we serve to guests. Foods previously available on our back bar in a self-serve format (fresh fruit, bagels, meals for special diets, etc.) will now be served by kitchen staff from the service window.
  • We will not be providing pillows and blankets in lodge rooms as we have historically done. We ask all guests to bring their own pillows, linens, and blankets.

As your group considers its upcoming trip to Cedarkirk, we ask that you commit to the following practices.

  1. Regular hand washing. The best defense against diseases like COVID-19 is to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, and to avoid touching your face.
  2. Adjust your greetings. Camp is a place that invites many expressions of welcome and greeting. Instead of a handshake, high five, or a hug, we recommend your group members modify greetings and use an elbow bump or other form of greeting that does not require touching hands or faces.
  3. Ask sick group members to stay home. If you have guests in your group who feel ill, we ask that you have them remain at home. They are welcome to enjoy the hospitality and beauty of Cedarkirk another time when they are feeling well.
  4. Refrain from sharing personal items. We ask that all guests refrain from sharing personal hygiene items, cups, straws, clothing, etc. while they are present at Cedarkirk.
  5. Enjoy the fresh air outdoors. One of the many benefits of camp is the open space where you and your group members may enjoy creation – the sunshine, fresh air, and tree-lined trails.

If you have concerns about your scheduled event, please reach out to us. We will be happy to talk to you about your options and can help you make the best decision for your group.          813.685.4224 x2