Information for Summer Camp Families

Updated 03/30/2020

For almost 50 years, our campers have thought of Cedarkirk as a safe space – as a home away from home. Our staff work tirelessly to uphold that reputation and to make sure every camper feels emotionally and physically safe. We recognize there is much uncertainty around the COVID-19 virus and its spread, and we want you to understand how we are working to address these issues as they relate to our summer camp program.

At this point, summer camp is still happening! We strongly believe all children and youth need to spend time outside in the fresh air, unplug from devices, and have exciting, faith-forming experiences at camp. If you are considering registering for summer camp, please go ahead. We also understand that families need to make the decisions they feel are best for them.

We will be regularly updating this page detailing preparations we are taking and making you aware of any changes or cancellations to our program. As summer camp approaches, we will review recommendations from the American Camp Association, the Florida Department of Health, community health professionals, and the Centers for Disease Control. We will certainly notify camper families by email if programs are cancelled or modified. Those updates will also be posted to our social media accounts.

To keep you abreast of Cedarkirk’s practices, the following procedures (and others) will either be in place this summer, or are already a part of our regular business operations.

  1. As an organization that offers summer camp programs for minors, we are beholden to County and State guidelines and best practices. We already adhere to many practices and procedures related to illness and infectious disease transmission. Our internal policies include infectious disease guidelines, which addresses standard of care for a sick individual AND the safety and protection of others. This policy has been reviewed and updated in relation to the COVID-19 virus.
  2. Cedarkirk summer programs have a licensed healthcare specialist on site. This person is responsible for attending to and monitoring the health of campers and staff.
  3. Each camper will receive a brief health screening upon arrival to camp. Any camper exhibiting symptoms of sickness will not be permitted to stay at camp.
  4. Our staff are trained in practices and strategies to help campers avoid exposure to harmful germs. This includes good hygiene, regular hand washing (and teaching efficient hand washing technique), and keeping personal items separate.
  5. Our housekeeping staff already regularly sanitizes our facilities with cleaning agents that kill harmful bacteria, including Coronavirus. We have increased our cleaning schedule, particularly in commonly used areas and for high-contact surfaces (door knobs, faucets, railings, etc.) around camp. Program equipment (carabiners, harnesses, archery equipment, etc.) is sanitized after each individual use.
  6. Our restrooms are stocked with antibacterial soap, but we are taking a more proactive approach to providing disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer in more areas of camp.

We appreciate our Cedarkirk summer camp families. As always, if you have any questions related to our policies and procedures, particularly our efforts related to COVID-19, please contact us. We pledge to continue serving you in a manner which reflects the best interests of our campers, guests, and staff as we work together to remain “a place apart to build up the body of Christ in love.”

Since we are not planning on cancelling summer programs at this point, we will be happy to transfer your deposit to next year’s summer camp program should you decide you need to cancel your child’s enrollment.          813.685.4224 x2