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Mission at Cedarkirk?

Most people’s knowledge of Cedarkirk is what they know through their own experience of attending a weekend retreat or Cedarkirk event.  This in itself is a great ministry as connections are made within the church family, sessions and leaders gather for direction, and individuals find renewal in their relationship with God.  However, the ministry of Cedarkirk doesn’t stop there.

Due to the support of churches and individuals, Cedarkirk provides opportunities for outreach in so many areas.  Looking back over the past two years Cedarkirk has extended hospitality to teen mothers through a mentoring program, foster children, foster families, international college students, developmentally challenged adults, and many scholarshipped adults and children.

Similarly, our summer programs minister to nearly 1,000 campers which include campers from our supporting congregations, children and youth from Beth El mission, children from Metropolitan Ministries, and youth mission teams from across the Southeast.