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What is Cedarkirk at Home?

Cedarkirk at Home brings fun activities, intentional small group time, and exciting new ways to make memories with each other and camp from your home! We believe a camp experience is important, and while we acknowledge the limitations of this platform, we want to offer a place for you to connect with others and with camp. While Cedarkirk at Home can’t provide you with a canoe trip down the river, or a ride on the zip line we’re excited to bring the important parts of camp into your home, so you can experience a new way to connect with God and with others.

This is a Monday-Friday program designed for 3rd-12th graders. Cedarkirk at Home is a mixture of virtual large group and small group times, combined with self-guided activities, and exclusive access to content from Cedarkirk. Each registered camper will receive 1 unique Cedarkirk at Home box, and instructions on how to connect via zoom for Bible study and activity times.

What’s in the box?

The 12 x 9 x 4 box includes many exciting and exclusive things!

  • Exclusive Cedarkirk swag: Cedarkirk bandana, new sticker designs, Cedarkirk temporary tattoo
  • Daily Activity Packets to get creative and have fun!
  • Cedarkirk Songbook to use during song time or at home with your family
  • Bible Study booklet with interactive pages with our summer theme ‘Let’s Talk’
  • Extra goodies like playdoh, coloring pages, and friendship bracelet string
  • Conversation starters to engage all family members
  • Some surprises that you will only know when you open the box!

Activity packets will be developmentally appropriate for age group.

What’s the virtual part like?

Along with the box you will get to interact with our summer camp counselors via zoom. We will have large group times where we will sing, learn about the theme of the day, eat together, and worship. During our small group times we will have Bible study together, and activities where we can discuss, create and hang out.

When you register you will have access to exclusive Cedarkirk content through a safe and secure portal. The days activities will be posted through the site and easy to login.


We have a small group of summer staff that are qualified and trained for facilitating virtual activities and working directly with campers. While some of our safety precautions will be different, we will maintain low ratios in our small group zooms, and apply the rule of three. Read all of our safety precautions (here).

Sample Schedule*

10 – 10:15am.                  Check-In   (big group zoom)

10:15 – 10:30am.            Morning Meditation   (big group zoom)

10:30 – 11am.                  Bible Study   (small group zoom)

11 – 11:45 am.                  Block 1     (either small group, or self-guided)

11:45am – 12:30 pm.     Block 2      (either small group, or self-guided)

12:30 – 1pm                     Lunch      (optional small group)

1 – 1:30pm.                      Song time   (big group zoom)

1:30 – 2pm.                     Block 3      (small group, or self-guided)

2 – 2:30pm.                    Block 4  –   (Free Choice)

2:30 – 3pm.                    Worship  –    (big group zoom)

Our block activities will range from crafts, to cooking, to nature blocks, to dance parties and everything in between. We want to provide a balance of screen free activities, and connection to each other online.

*schedule is subject to change

Evening activities like line dancing and weekly campfires will also be posted on our Facebook each week for the whole family to participate and enjoy!

Theme of the Summer

Some of us speak our thoughts and feelings to God. Others are quiet, settling their hearts to make space for God. Some pray through music, art, or movement. Some pray out loud, while others’ prayers are whispers of the soul. Whether we fold our hands and bow or raise them up and look to the sky, God is longing to connect with us. God hears us.

We will be exploring stories from the Bible like Esther, Jonah, and Zelophehad’s daughters, and discover what our communication with God has to do with renewal, guidance, and change!

Cedarkirk at Home Weeks

June 15th – 19th

JR Camp (3rd-5th), MS Camp (6th-8th)

*pick-up box option only

June 22nd – 26th

JR (3rd-5th), MS Camp (6th-8th), HS Camp (9th-12th)

June 29th – July 3rd

JR Camp (3rd-5th), MS Camp (6th-8th), HS Camp (9th-12th)

July 6th – 10th

JR Camp (3rd-5th), MS Camp (6th-8th), HS Camp (9th-12th)

Cost & Registration

A Cedarkirk at Home experience is $60, this includes shipping. Pick-up box option at Cedarkirk will be available.

Your registration will include 1 Cedarkirk at Home box for one camper, and access to all the content in the camp library, including small group, and large group zoom access for one week.

You are welcome to sign up for multiple weeks of Cedarkirk at Home.

We can’t wait to form new memories this summer!

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