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Cedarkirk Summer Camp Publicity

Below are some resources for spreading the word about Cedarkirk’s summer camp programs – feel free to print and post any of the printed publicity below!  Please contact the camp office if you need any additional brochures or posters. Thank you for your help in sharing about this unique ministry.

Summer Camp Publicity Guide
Copy-ready Worship Bulletin Insert  (greyscale)
Nurse Volunteer Flyer
Nurse Volunteer Poster
Worship Leader Volunteer Poster  (full-color)
2019 Summer Camp Brochure
Summer Staff Promo Flyer  (full-color)
Summer Staff Promo Flyer  (greyscale)

Worship Announcement Slides
If your church uses slides for announcements, feel free to use any of the following slides to help us promote our summer camp programs! Slides are provided in standard 4:3 aspect ratio and widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. Click on whichever format you’d like and save the image to your computer.

Simple Life  [widescreen]

Simple Life  [standard]

Best Time  [widescreen]

Best Time  [standard]

Bigger  [widescreen]

Bigger  [standard]

Aim  [widescreen]

Aim  [standard]

Real  [widescreen]

Real  [standard]

Community  [widescreen]

Community  [standard]

Cooking  [widescreen]

Cooking  [standard]

Hangin’  [widescreen]

Hangin’  [standard]

Reach  [widescreen]

Reach  [standard]

Sunset  [widescreen]

Sunset  [standard]

Dive In  [widescreen]

Dive In  [standard]

For additional images to use on screen, web, and social media, click here.