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Thank you for your interest in Cedarkirk’s Traveling Day Camp. We look forward to being able to engage and assist your congregation in providing a quality Christian day camp program in your community.

What is Traveling Day Camp?

  • A UNIQUE MINISTRY that blends classic camp activities and faith-building experiences for children in your congregation and community;
  • AN OPPORTUNITY for your kindergarten through fifth-grade young people to experience camp away from camp;
  • A CHANCE FOR VOLUNTEERS from your church to be involved in the lives and faith-foundation of children and connect to Cedarkirk’s ministry;
  • A MISSION AND EVANGELISM TOOL for your congregation to connect with families in your community;
  • A FULL-SERVICE PROGRAM – we bring trained staff, art supplies, game equipment, curriculum resources… everything we need for a week of transforming ministry at your church.

What you can expect from us:

• Trained, background-checked staff;
• Activity supplies, craft supplies, and game equipment;
• Bible study curriculum and related materials;
• Plans and schedules for the week;
• Registration/sign-up materials for your church to distribute;
• An on-site coordinator to run the week!

What we expect from you:

• Large- and small- group meeting spaces for our program;
• Lunch meals each day and morning/afternoon snacks;
• Volunteers to help prepare meals and assist with small groups;
• Housing for our staff (they need showers and a space to stretch out and sleep)
• One contact person to act as a liaison between your church and the Day Camp Director

Read through our Planner for 2020 HERE

Available Weeks

Week 1, May 31st-June 5th

Week 2, June 7th-June 12th

Week 3, June 14th-June 19th

Week 4, June 21st-June 26th

Week 5, July 5th-July 10th

Week 6, July 12th-July 17th

Week 7,  July 19th-July 24th

Week 8, July 26th-July 31st

If you are interested in bringing this program to your congregation next summer, please contact Rebeca Franca. We look forward to partnering with you!

Day Camp 2019 Number of Campers Cost Number of Cedarkirk Staff
Level 1 13-20 $1,987 1 Coordinator; 2 Counselors
Level 2 21-30 $2,981 1 Coordinator; 3 Counselors
Level 3 31-40 $3,974 1 Coordinator; 4 Counselors
Level 4 41-50 $4,968 1 Coordinator; 5 Counselors
Level 5 51-60 $5,961 1 Coordinator; 6 Counselors
Level 6 61-70 $6,955 1 Coordinator; 7 Counselors
Level 7 71-80 $7,948 1 Coordinator; 8 Counselors