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Why undertake a Capital Campaign?

In 2015, a feasibility study was conducted by the Board of Cedarkirk to consider how the mission and ministry of Cedarkirk – and of the Presbyteries of Tampa Bay and Peace River – might be more faithfully accomplished. The feasibility study identified certain renovations and construction, including a new dining hall and retreat cottage, as integral to the continuation of this unique ministry: sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through camps, retreats, educational events, and mission work.

What is the Campaign Fundraising Goal?

Based on the conclusions of the feasibility study, the Cedarkirk Board unanimously voted to conduct a Capital Campaign to build a new dining hall and new retreat cottage as well as carry out renovations to Cedar Lodge, which currently houses the dining hall. The goal of $4,000,000 will be raised through the generous donations of individuals, corporations, and foundations during a three-year fundraising campaign.

Cedarkirk seems to have adequate facilities. Why do the Capital Campaign?

  • Difficult access to the dining hall and meeting spaces at Cedar Lodge. While there is a ramp to the main level of the Cedar Lodge dining hall, steep staircases and lack of an elevator make access for those with disabilities or mobility issues very difficult.
  • The existing dining hall can no longer support our demand. Currently, with service on the main level and downstairs, the dining hall can hold only 160 people, while lodging can host up to 250 people. Serving meals for 160 diners is very cramped, puts stress on the kitchen and its staff, and necessitates the offering of only a limited menu.
  • Limited meeting space. While there are meeting spaces at Hickory Cottage and Pine and Cedar Lodges, it is very limited and does not accommodate break-out spaces, particularly in Cedar Lodge where both floors are often used for large group dining.
  • Lack of program space. In past years, programming and guest usage has increased significantly. While Cedarkirk has spacious outdoor programming spaces and activities, indoor program space is extremely limited.
  • Lack of flexibility. Some of the original buildings are simply unable to meet the needs of a modern camp and conference center. Staff continually reconfigure areas to make the buildings more workable for programming and day-to-day operations, but new buildings are necessary if we hope to sustain our ministry and reach people of all ages for Christ.

What are the greatest benefits of the new/renovated facilities?

  • Increased ability to sustain the historical and ongoing mission of Cedarkirk and the Presbyteries of Tampa Bay and Peace River to enrich, nurture, and support their leaders and congregations
  • Increased accessibility for ALL guests
  • Flexible space to accommodate programming needs for groups of all sizes
  • Facilities designed to keep pace with changing technology and environmental stewardship
  • Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable facilities
  • Updated and additional accommodations for overnight guests
  • Centrally-located Welcome Center and Administrative Offices

When will the work begin and how long will the building project take?

The Cedarkirk Board of Directors has hired an architectural firm to determine the location and design of the new dining hall. Cedarkirk has the floorplans for the next Retreat Cottage, which will be similar to the design of Hickory Cottage. Ideally, the timeframe for the start of construction is early 2019.

Can we use the current facilities while construction is underway? What is the plan?

Yes, existing accommodations will be open and available to summer camp, youth, adults and guest groups from the presbyteries, congregations, schools and other non-profit organizations who want to use Cedarkirk.

Who is the architect?

The Property Committee and Board of Directors have hired Woodroffe Corporation Architects to create the conceptual drawings and new site plan. This firm brings a wealth of experience in designing and constructing dining and multi-purpose facilities. Their major projects have been community/recreation related, and public and educational facilities throughout Florida. A construction company will be selected when the Campaign moves into the building phase.

For more information about Cedarkirk’s Capital Campaign, please contact Rev. John Reiter, Executive Director, at or Julie Poulin, Capital Campaign Director, at or call 813.685.4224.