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Helping Hands

People Power

In addition to attending events and providing financial support, Cedarkirk has numerous projects around camp that groups could adopt and help make a reality.  Projects range from grounds work (clearing trails and brush) to painting (interiors and exteriors of buildings)  to facility improvement and construction.  Groups of any size and composition (youth, men, women, families) are invited to contact the camp office (813) 685-4224 ext. 2 to explore opportunities that match your group’s interests and skills.  Adopting a project can strengthen your group through community building and a shared experience as well as enhancing your camp and conference center.

In addition to facility improvement projects, Cedarkirk also relies on the help of volunteer nurses and worship leaders throughout the summer program.  For more information about how you could help in one of these areas, please contact us at or (813) 685-4224 ext. 4.