Discernment Through Service (DTS)

In addition to the amazing ministry that takes place with children and youth each summer, many of our young adult summer staff also have experiences that result in transformation or new direction.  In response, we have initiated a new program for young adults who are wrestling with God’s call for their lives; particularly a possible call to ministry.  Through service to camp, intentional communal experiences, and directed discernment opportunities, it is our hope to provide participants with a program that will allow them to more fully listen to God’s call.  If you know someone who is seeking to discern the path ahead and would thrive in the camp and conference environment, please encourage them to apply.  We’d also be happy to chat with you if you are trying to decide whether this program might be a good fit for you.

Discernment Through Service (DTS) is a residential program designed to help young adults explore God’s call for their lives and grow in faith as they live, work, study, and fellowship within the camp and conference community at Cedarkirk.  Through interactions and conversations with church staff and user groups, time spent in personal reflection and study, hands-on work with program, maintenance, and kitchen staff, guided exploration of discernment materials, and as residents living in intentional community, DTS participants will gain a greater understanding of various ministries as they clarify and discern God’s call in their lives and explore questions of vocation.

Read the DTS Terms of Service for specific information regarding responsibilities of the internship, compensation, etc.

Apply online for the DTS Program