Summer Staff Employment

Staff applications are now open! Find the application link below under the “How To Apply” section.

We are excited you are interested in a summer staff position at Cedarkirk!  We firmly believe that the quality of our program is dependent upon the quality of our staff. We are searching for caring, hard-working, and energetic Christian, young adults who can contribute to our summer camp ministry.  If you are looking for a summer experience that is fun, meaningful, and has the opportunity to make a lasting impact in someone’s life – as well as your own – consider applying for a position on our Summer Staff.

Each summer we hire about 40 talented individuals – musicians, explorers, problem solvers, heroes, listeners, role models, teachers, lifeguards, pastors, singers, athletes, artists, leaders, hikers, chefs, swimmers, comedians, nurturers… and the list goes on.  Simply put, we seek people like you to shepherd our campers and help shape and uphold the community of faith and fun that makes Cedarkirk “a place apart.”

Tell Me More About Serving at Cedarkirk

Cedarkirk Summer Staff live and work within a supportive community committed to leading small groups of campers through an exciting and life-changing week at camp.  From counselors to canoe instructors, staff members have opportunities to develop leadership skills and self-confidence, make life-long friends, grow closer to God, and step away from the typical distractions of life, all within a beautiful, wooded setting.  Serving at camp for a summer is not an easy job, but it is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you will ever have.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for employment. Preference goes to applicants who are at least one year out of high school.

What we expect from our staff!

Time Commitment: We are looking for energetic and talented staff who are available from mid-May through the beginning of August (May 21 through August 5). We sometimes hire counselors who may not be available for the entire summer, but our preference is to hire staff who can serve for the duration of our programs.

Character: Counselors must demonstrate strong moral values, set an example of living the gospel of Jesus Christ, and be willing to teach daily Bible studies consistent with the Cedarkirk Camp & Conference Center curriculum. Cedarkirk counselors possess the ability to communicate and work with campers of all ages and skill levels; work effectively with peers and share in the responsibility of leading small groups and facilitating activities; function as a role model, friend, and surrogate parent for campers in your group; and act in accordance with Cedarkirk policies and procedures.

Your Role: All staff are responsible for creating a safe and encouraging environment where the children and youth at camp can have fun, challenge themselves, work together, and grow in their faith. Every staff member hired contributes to the community created here. The ultimate goal of a Cedarkirk summer staff member is to make sure that every camper feels loved, valued, and experiences the love of God.

Energy: We expect counselors to be energetic and enthusiastic in everything they do! Campers are inspired by the positivity of their counselors, so we expect our counselors to maintain a high energy level every day of every program. If a counselor is having fun, their campers will have fun!

Long Hours: While on duty, Cedarkirk is a round-the-clock job. Staff are responsible for campers throughout the day, during each activity, and at night. Being a counselor requires the patience and flexibility to guide and nurture a group of children and youth for extended periods of time with limited time off.

What our staff can expect from us!

Competitive Salary: We offer a weekly salary that is comparable to – or better than – many similar summer camp programs and is based on the position and number of years a staff member has worked.

Room and Board: Summer staff members are also compensated with room and board for the duration of their employment.

Time Off: Staff are off each weekend between camp sessions and are encouraged to leave camp during these times. Counselors also receive several blocks of off-time throughout the week and are free to spend these off blocks at camp however they choose. There will be a 2-day break during staff training as well as a week off over the Fourth of July (no camps run the week of July 3-8).

Professional Development: During staff training, we teach our staff everything they need to know about working at Cedarkirk. We cover quite a bit of information and teach many skills, largely focused on working with children and outdoor living skills. Much of what you will learn and experience at camp will prepare you for jobs and careers later in life, such as leadership, time management, working as a team, interpersonal skills, and problem solving.

Certification Courses: Cedarkirk provides all staff with training and certification in first aid, CPR, and the use of an AED. Depending on your role or personal interest, there are also opportunities for certifications in Lifeguarding, Challenge Course Facilitation, and Canoe Instruction.

Discernment and Direction: Something about spending time outdoors with children and youth seems to provide a clarity and insight that many of our counselors are looking for. After a summer at camp, many of our staff often decide to become teachers, counselors, or pastors because certain skills and a desire to serve others has been awakened within them. If you aren’t sure what the future holds for you, you just might find it at camp.

FUN!:  Yes, we pay you to have fun.

Staff Selection Process

To better understand how we choose and hire staff, take a few minutes to read the information below.

STEP 1: Are we a good match for you?
Check out the summer staff pages on this website. Learn a little more about what makes Cedarkirk special. Make sure Cedarkirk’s philosophy fits your own and feels like the right place for you – a place that will allow you to thrive so you can help others do the same. If you’re not sure or would like to know more about our small-group, faith-based camp programs, please call or email us (contact info below) and one of Cedarkirk’s directors will be happy to speak with you. Most importantly, you need to want to work with kids! If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, this is probably not the job for you.

STEP 2: Apply to work at Cedarkirk
Every applicant must complete an application. Cedarkirk’s directors thoroughly read every completed application. They will review your application and answers to the application questions to help determine if you might be a good fit for Cedarkirk. They will also contact the references you provide. An interview will not be scheduled with you until at least two of your references have been received, so please make sure your references know they need to complete their reference forms promptly. You can find a link to the application at the bottom of this page.

STEP 3: Personal interviews
If the directors feel you could be an asset to our staff, they will contact you to set up an interview. It is preferable to conduct these interviews in person, but interviews can be done via FaceTime or Zoom, if necessary. During the interview you will be taken on a camp tour, learn how our summer programs operate, get answers to any questions you have, and – most importantly – we can get to know you. Sometimes, an additional interview might be scheduled to make sure Cedarkirk is the place for you.

STEP 4: Almost finished…
If you are offered a job at Cedarkirk, you will be sent a contract along with some other paperwork. Your spot on staff will be reserved, but not official until you return the paperwork so Cedarkirk can conduct background checks. You will receive instructions on how to have your fingerprints scanned for a criminal background check and a sexual offender check (among others). Upon successful completion of these checks, you will be notified of your official hire and your contract will be official.

If you’ve got questions about this process, contact Mark Orendorf or Mandy Goff (;; 813.685.4224 x4).

How To Apply

If you’re ready to apply for a position on Cedarkirk’s Summer Staff, please click below to begin your application.



Helpful tips before getting started:

  • Please take the application questions seriously. We have created those specific questions to get to know you better, so answer them fully and honestly. We don’t need a 1,000 word answer to every question, but one sentence probably isn’t enough to tell us about yourself.
  • We will not review your application until you have filled out all required fields and submitted it.
  • If you have any questions about the application itself or are having trouble using the online application, please contact Mandy Goff for assistance.

Positions Available

Counselor (~18 positions)
Applicants for this position must be excited, flexible and committed to building an atmosphere of fun and acceptance.
Counselors must have an understanding of the developmental characteristics of children and youth and be able to nurture and respond to the needs of each camper in their small group. Above all, counselors serve as strong Christian role models and caretakers for their campers – they will share in their campers’ triumphs and challenges and guide them through their fears, questions, and faith development. Each counselor is paired with a co-counselor and a small group of campers to comprise a “family group” for the week. Counselors are responsible for supervision, recreation, community building, and the leadership of all small-group activities. Counselors rotate weekly among varying co-counselors and programs to experience a variety of age groups and specific types of camp programs. Staff training is extensive and will equip those who are willing to learn with the skills needed to minister in this setting.  Counselors need to be flexible and willing to serve in many different capacities at Cedarkirk, including some sessions as support staff.  Pay for first-year Counselors is $270 per week in addition to room and board (approximately $2,460 over the course of the summer).

Unit Coordinator (4 positions)
Applicants for this position must be organized, have a knowledge of camp leadership and programs, and be able to mentor and inspire staff and campers.
Unit Coordinators are responsible for managing staff leadership, logistics, safety concerns, and maintaining parent relations for multiple camp programs or mission groups at Cedarkirk. Applicants for this position need to have a working knowledge of a summer camping program and possess leadership experience in that setting. Unit Coordinators will work closely with the directors, counselors, and volunteers. They will maintain lines of communication with: directors; fellow UCs; counselors – to assist and support as issues arise; and volunteers – to help them integrate into the camp community. Other responsibilities include large group leadership (recreation, worship and singing, etc.); organizing and facilitating the Check-In process; creating and distributing weekly schedules; leading staff meetings; maintaining records of the summer’s programs; mission-site coordination; transportation of campers; and providing guidance and discipline for campers when needed. Unit Coordinators also assist the directors to lead and teach components of staff training. Pay is $320 per week in addition to room and board (approximately $3,230 over the course of the summer).

Lifeguard (1-2 positions)
Applicants for this position must be competent in water safety and rescues, and willing to jump in wherever they’re needed.
The Lifeguard are responsible for the safety of any group engaged in activities at the pool. The lifeguard must be open to learning Cedarkirk pool rules and site protocol, and be willing to assist with daily pool maintenance. In certain instances, the lifeguard may also supervise groups engaged in activities on the river or on off-site trips. The lifeguard will also have an active role as support staff – supervising and leading recreation, providing time off for other counselors, and assisting in program areas as needed. Pay for first-year Lifeguards is $270 per week in addition to room and board (approximately $2,460 over the course of the summer). **Applicants must be lifeguard certified (or willing to become certified) and be willing to learn light pool maintenance.

Canoe Instructor (1 position)
Applicants for this position must be patient, make decisions quickly, and willing to serve wherever they’re needed.
The Canoe Instructor will instruct campers in aquatic safety and canoeing skills and lead each canoe trip. The applicant must be comfortable paddling in natural bodies of water (rivers and lakes) and making emergency decisions in the event of sudden weather changes or emergencies. As many campers find canoeing difficult at first, it is necessary for the Canoe Instructor to be patient, gentle, and willing to allow campers to struggle through mastering skills while maintaining an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. The Canoe Instructor will also have an active role as support staff – supervising and leading recreation, providing time off for other counselors, and assisting in program areas as needed. Pay for first-year Canoe Instructors is $270 per week in addition to room and board (approximately $2,460 over the course of the summer). **Applicants must be lifeguard certified (or willing to become certified) and/or attend a canoe instructor training course.

Challenge Course Facilitator (1 position)
Applicants for this position must be possess the skills necessary to lead and facilitate high ropes climbs in a way that supports campers and staff, and creates a physically and emotionally safe environment for growth.
The Challenge Course Facilitator is responsible for leading campers (middle school and older) through Cedarkirk’s 13-element high ropes course. Critical skills include: being able to effectively communicate and instill course procedures and safety practices to small groups of campers; an understanding of how to create an environment that fosters growth and physical/mental challenge on a course that can be stress-inducing for some; mastery of safety and rescue techniques; patience with campers who struggle with the course; confidence and comfort at heights; and an understanding of how challenge activities dovetail with the overall culture and growth mindset of a camp experience. The Challenge Course Facilitator will also have an active role as support staff – supervising and leading recreation, providing time off for other counselors, and assisting in program areas as needed. Pay for first-year Challenge Course Facilitators is $270 per week in addition to room and board (approximately $2,460 over the course of the summer).

Crafts Facilitator & Photographer (1 position)
Applicants for this position must be willing to teach creative skills to children and be able to photograph groups without disrupting their activities and group dynamics.
The Crafts Facilitator and Photographer is responsible for leading craft projects for small groups of campers and should possess the skills and creativity to plan and facilitate projects for 1st-12th grade campers. The applicant should be able to teach craft projects, make purchases while working within a budget, and supervise campers. When not with arts and crafts groups, this person is responsible for taking quality digital photographs of campers and groups throughout the day and cataloging/archiving the photos. This applicant should have a working knowledge of digital photography, be skilled at capturing creative and well-composed images, and have basic computer skills to manage images. The Crafts Facilitator and Photographer will also have an active role as support staff – supervising and leading recreation, providing time off for other counselors, and assisting in program areas as needed. Pay for first-year Crafts Facilitators is $270 per week in addition to room and board (approximately $2,460 over the course of the summer).