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Cedarkirk Virtual Races


Go for a run in your own neighborhood while virtually joining others in the Cedarkirk family. There are three options to choose from – so we’ve got something for you, whether you’re a “runner” or not. Every participant gets a limited edition Cedarkirk race tee-shirt and sticker – and – depending on your time, you could find yourself in possession of a coveted prize.

Cedarkirk 5k
This is a classic distance for runners and walkers of all kinds. Run or walk your 3.1 miles and find out how you stack up against everybody else!
Cedarkirk 0.5k
If you’re not feeling up to a 5k, but still want to participate, this might be more your speed. It’s only 0.3107 miles, which is really just one loop around the block, right? You can join the fun and wear your Cedarkirk race tee with pride. (Tell everyone it was a 50k if you really want.)
Cedarkirk 500 miles
Many of you fondly remember the line dance we do to “I Would Walk 500 Miles.” In honor of that bit of camp culture, you can sign up for this race with friends and family. Over the course of two months, your group needs to collectively log 500 miles of walking. (For example, if you have 6 people in your group, you each have to walk 1.5 miles each day during the race window to hit 500 miles

The process is simple:
1. Sign up for the race of your choice.
2. Run/walk your chosen distance at some point during the race’s dates.
3. Report your time through the race website.
4. See if you qualified for special prizes!


Here’s a snapshot of the artwork for the race tee:

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