Christmas Bake Sale

Since you asked, here's your only chance in 2022 to snag some of Cedarkirk's holiday goodies! Order your favorite homemade baked goods from the Cedarkirk kitchen. Then just swing by and pick them up. It's that easy. How To Order: Visit the BAKE SALE WEBSITE and order for yourself or a crowd. Pay online to complete your order. Head to Cedarkirk between 3:00-4:00pm on Sunday, Dec. 18th and we'll hand you your treats. Enjoy! (But remember it's kind to share.) ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THURSDAY, DEC. 15! If you have any questions, call Mark Orendorf at 813.685.4224 x4.

Christmas Retreat

Get ready to celebrate Christmas at your home-away-from-home! You don’t have to wait until summer to see your counselors and friends, or do all of your favorite summer camp activities. The Christmas Retreat brings you a little bit of summer camp in the winter. (We can't promise you snow, but it will be cooler than it is in the summer - and you might even need a jacket!) We'll talk about what the birth of Christ means for us today, eat lots of holiday treats, and enjoy the company of friends, new and old, in this beautiful place. DETAILS Ages: This [...]

RENEW Conference

RENEW is a retreat that explores the intersection of spirituality, creativity, and social justice. Your time at this retreat will challenge you to renew the way you approach your faith, renew the way you view the world, and renew the manner in which you carry out the command to love and serve others. RENEW CONFERENCE WEB PAGE For complete schedule, bios on speakers and artists, and registration options. We are excited to welcome you to Cedarkirk in February!

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