Tiered Pricing for Camp:
Why Three Prices?

In all of our printed and online media, you will see three prices listed for most camp programs. Cedarkirk’s voluntary tiered pricing structure is intended to help families recognize how much a week at camp really costs and then select the level of payment most appropriate for their circumstances. Cedarkirk’s summer programs are supported with surplus monies generated by our year-round retreat ministry and the gifts of donors. A tiered pricing model allows families the option to more fully support the total cost of their child attending camp if they are financially able. Please consider the three tiers and choose the best fit for your family. An explanation of the individual tiers is below.

**All campers receive the same Cedarkirk summer camp experience regardless of the tier they choose to pay. The tier you select will always remain confidential.

Camp Scholarships

Confidential scholarship assistance is available for families who need it. We believe that every child who wants to come to camp should be able to come to camp! Print a need-based scholarship application and email it to camp so our scholarship committee can review it. Scholarships typically cover between 30-50% of the cost of a week at camp.

Keep in mind that many churches have money earmarked to help kids go to camp: check with your pastor for additional assistance!