Night Owl Camps

Laid-back to fit your summer schedule, this camp caters to campers who want to do it all – just later in the day.

If your idea of the perfect summer day is to stay up late and sleep in each morning, this camp caters to your lifestyle. Night Owl campers sleep late, have breakfast around lunchtime, eat lunch at dinnertime… well, you get the idea. During the daylight hours you’ll participate in your favorite camp activities, but as the rest of camp heads to bed, your group will break out the headlamps and flashlights to kick off special night activities and tackle some classic camp challenges in the dark.
*These campers sleep in air-conditioned lodging.

June 23-28, 2024 $520 / $600 / $735 Grades 6-8 Completed
June 23-28, 2024 $520 / $600 / $735 Grades 9-12 Completed
Why three prices?